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03-18-2003, 05:47 AM
hi everyone
I am a graduate student interested to study the relation between skill
practice and improve coordination in terms of minimizing body center of mass
displacements, and how the normal subjects use different strategies to
maintain balance during learning a new coordinative movement.
I found articles mainly by Newell, Latash and Ge Wu. that investigate the
center of mass responses during a new skill acquisition?. however most of
them describing the realtionship between the center of pressure with the
center of mass. My question is that, is there a direct relation between
acquisition of coordinated movement and ability to modify the center of mass
position?. and if there is a relation, what measures the normal subjects
will show at the begining of practice differ from that lately develop.
Also is there any specific recommended method to calculate the center of
mass in a dynamic model of posture?.
Thanks for your attention,
Osama Omran, PT,Ms.
Seton Hall university

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