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03-18-2003, 11:18 PM
Hi everyone!

For my Ph.D. I'm doing a biomechanical analysis of the locomotion of pigs
on different surfaces with special focus on slipping. I'll be combining
video recordings with force plate measurements.

In my literature searches I have come across a lot of equine research
(Drevemo, Hjerten, Holmström, Barrey, Back, Merkens, Schamhardt, Leach and
others) a little on dogs (DeCamp, Hottinger and others), and a bit on cattle
(Phillips, Morris, Telezhenko), but I haven't found anything with swine as
biomechanic subject animals.

For the moment I'm working on a verification of joint rotation centres of
both forelimb (shoulder, elbow, carpal, fetlock) and hindlimb (hip, stifle,
tarsal, and fetlock).

I'm interested in getting in contact with others that use swine as model
animals for biomechanical research, and also maybe learn about references
that discuss the joint rotation centres in detail.

Can the subscribers of BIOMCH-L help me out?

Thank you for your attention.

Vivi Thorup
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Research Centre Foulum

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