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Brent Lievers
03-19-2003, 03:10 AM

I am hoping to become involved in the near future in research involving
assessment of the effect of trabecular bone architecture on mechanical
performance. As I've been doing my background research I've managed,
through the kindness and generosity of others, to obtain a few micro-CT
datasets with which to familiarize myself. However, what I think would be
an extremely helpful resource for all involved in this area would be an
on-line repository of 3D trabecular datasets.

Appended below is my proposal for the creation of an online repository of
3D trabecular bone datasets. I'd like to solicit comments from those who
might be interested in using and/or contributing data to such an
undertaking. Specifically, I'd be interested to know about:

- the general level of interest (anyone?)
- the minimum information people would like to see accompany each dataset
- the preferred file format(s)
- any objections, or requested changes, to the submission/usage agreement

Please feel free to forward this to anyone not subscribed to BIOMECH-L
that you think might be interested.


Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada



To assist trabecular bone researchers by providing an online source to a
wide variety of 3D datasets and associated tools.


Initially, it would be just a simple web interface to an anonymous ftp
site that would allow interested parties to download donated datasets.

Perhaps a few datasets could be identified for "standardization" purposes.
For example, in the field of data compression the Canterbury Corpus is
often used as a standardized means of comparing text compression methods.
Standardized 3D datasets would allow researchers to repeat measurements
and simulations made by others and compare their results.

Eventually, if there is enough interest and content, some minimal
database-like features would be implemented to search based on certain
criteria. Maybe even computer code for various trabecular bone related
tasks might be donated.


Donors would maintain any and all rights to their submissions. However,
they would allow the dataset to be used for any non-commercial purpose.

A donated dataset would also require some minimum accompanying
information: site, gender, age, dimensions, resolution, etc. The
submitter could also specify a journal publication for citation when the
dataset is used (ie. first publication in which they presented the data).


The donated datasets could be used without permission for any
non-commercial purpose.

Any published work (poster, conference paper, journal article, etc.) would
require reference to the donors requested citation, if any, and a
statement in the Acknowledgements along the lines of "The image datasets
where obtained from the Trabecular Bone Database". As a courtesy,
citation information for any peer-reviewed journal article using one or
more datasets should be also forwarded to the site maintainer so as to
update the dataset's bibliographic information.


Attempts will be made to arrange hosting for such a site here at Queen's
University. I would volunteer to see that it was set-up and
administrated, seeing as I have no data to contribute as of yet :-) Of
course, if someone at ISB wanted to arrange hosting...


If you have any comments or feedback please contact me at


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