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Karen Hobson
03-19-2003, 03:49 AM
Vice President of Research and Development
Recruiter: Karen Hobson, KPHobson@aol.com, 831-234-2979

This start up opportunity based in the Southwest, develops leading edge spine
products and services through intellectual property development and contract
research. The Spine market is one of the fastest-growing and competitive
markets in the medical industry. The client leverages the thought leadership
in collaboration with spine physicians and orthopedic surgeons who are the
top in this field, to develop, test and rapidly commercialize products and
services. The company seeks to hire a dynamic individual for the position of
Vice President Research and Development. This position will be responsible
for the ensuring successful planning and implementation of product
development strategies and projects including the evaluation of new
technologies and product opportunities. He/she will ensue and ongoing
product development pipeline and will see products through from conception to
commercialization, and capture IP along the way. This critical role will
serve as the CEO's "right hand person" in terms of building a war chest of
products for commercialization and the improvement of patient life.

VP of Research and Development

Major Responsibilities
This individual will lead a team, develop products for the treatment of
orthopedics and spinal injury. In addition, the individual will be
responsible for leading efforts to scale up the processes in full lifecycle
product development, drive to preclinical & clinical trials of product
developed, and ultimately to a commercial value. The development team led by
this individual will also be involved in regulatory submissions and approvals
510K and PMA; quality systems design documentations, DFM, prototyping and
testing. This person will also be responsible for program and risk
management, and building a strong IP portfolio.

The successful individual will be comfortable working in a fast-moving
environment, with an ability to take the lead in getting things done by
creating or obtaining the needed resources. Although this position will
involve management and strategic planning, it is also a hands-on job with
considerable direct work expected.

Candidate must possess a strong value system centered on integrity and
honesty, be flexible, and create and environment that people love to work in
- Required Skills & Experience (MUST HAVES)
-At least 10+ years work on product development in spine and orthopedic
-Significant experience with regulatory submissions and approvals- 510K and
- -Experience in running a technical development group in industry, including
personnel, project management, budgeting and communications.
-Some experience working in and (ideally) managing a collaborative
multi-company project team. Must wear multiple hats.
-Experience in quality systems and design documentation
-Experience building and managing a strong IP portfolio.

Desirable Skills & Experience (NICE TO HAVES)
-Business transaction experience
-Program management/planning/risk management.
-Must be able to grow and manage a staff.

If you are interested in this position or know of someone who may be, please
Karen Hobson

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