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Dr. Chris Kirtley
03-21-2003, 06:30 AM
Dear all,

I have just finished lecturing about inverse dynamics, and as usual
compared and contrasted the ground reaction vector method with full
link-segment modeling. It made me recall a quotation which I wrote down
many years ago, and which I have just rediscovered. I thought you might
like it too...

The mathematical process in the symbolical method [i.e. algebra] is like
running a railroad through a tunneled mountain, that in the ostensive
[geometry] like crossing the mountain on foot. The former causes us, by
a short and easy transit, to our destined point, but in miasma, darkness
and torpidity, whereas the latter allows us to reach it only after time
and trouble, but feasting us at each turn with glances of the earth and
of the heavens, while we inhale the pleasant breeze, and gather new
strength at every effort we put forth.

Sir William Hamilton, Scottish Philosophy and British Physics

Have a good weekend!

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