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Arthur Brandwood
06-07-1993, 08:34 PM
Announcing BIOMAT-L, a new LISTSERV mailing list for Biomaterials.
************************************************** ****************

A new LISTSERV: BIOMAT-L has been established, at

This new list is for anyone interested in the field of
Biomaterials. Like Biomch-L, Biomat-L is aimed at members of the
various biomaterials societies (Australian, Canadian, European,
Japanese, US and other Societies for Biomaterials) and for anyone
with an interest in biomaterials.

The scope of this list is deliberately broad and includes the
application of all types of materials in medicine and biology.
Discussion of all aspects of biomaterials (from materials
production and testing to issues of biocompatibility and tissue
interactions and specific clinical applications) is encouraged.
Also welcome are announcements of meetings and conferences, and
discussions of particular technical problems associated with your
biomaterials research and teaching.

To subscribe to Biomat-L send an email message to
Listserv@hearn.nic.SURFnet.nl with the text of the message as:


(Any message Subject is ignored)

If you are new to use of LISTSERV mailing lists, I recommend you
also add the lines:


This will cause the LISTSERV to email you a set of introductory
documentation with instructions on how to get more detailed

Further information and technical help from the list owner:

A.Brandwood@unsw.edu.au (Arthur Brandwood)
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