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03-24-2003, 04:54 PM
Dear Colleagues,

We are designing a triaxial measurement system for
lumbar torques in isometric mode. This device will be
fabricated as my MSc and my friends' BSc final
project. Now we need the ideas of some experts in
biomechanics, rehabilitation and physiotherapy
practices about our device. Therefore, we have
prepared a questionnaire to fulfil this need. I have
uploaded the MS-Word file to:


(Please fill and email it to me: f_hakkak@yahoo.com)

What is specific about our device is that it can
measure three torques at the same time. I have seen
this feature only in Isostation B200 and also in a
similar device patented in 1994 (Patent No.:
US5324247). The latter has not been manufactured
commercially. In addition, we are trying to reduce the
difficulties B200 had with the straps and their
limitations and inconveniences. Also we are trying to
make a system capable of measuring all combinations of

three angles in three axes to the extreme ranges. For
example B200 cannot measure the torque in transverse
plane if the person flexes 90 degrees.
We are trying to solve such problems. For the time
being, we want to make the isometric device. If
successful, we will go to the dynamic mode, too. In
our present system the person makes the desired angles
in his trunk and then we strap him. After that he/she
can only exert in different directions but cannot
move. This device can be used in biomechanical
research projects and possibly for rehabilitation
excercises. What we need now is some ideas in order
that we can shape our system according to the opinions
of experts.

I will be very grateful for receiving your valuable
ideas and comments.

Feras Hakkak
Biomechanics Lab,
Mechanical Eng. Dept.,
Sharif Univ. of Tech.
Tehran, Iran

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