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03-25-2003, 04:48 AM

I'm sorry, the link which I have used for the
questionnaire doesn't work for some people. Now I have
to write the questions here. If you wish to have the
file please contact me.

Please accept my appologies.
Best, Feras Hakkak

Design and Fabrication of an Apparatus for Tri-axial
Measurement of Lumbar Strength in Isometric Mode


The existing rehabilitation and measurement devices
are mostly capable of performing dynamical motions in
one axis, and very few devices are designed to work in
three axes simultaneously. We have felt the need for
an apparatus to measure the lumbar torques in three
axes simultaneously and for a wide range of lumbar
We have planned to measure the torques by torque
sensors and to use a computer program to store,
display, and analyze the data. It should be noted that
for now we have aimed to have our device solely for
the isometric mode.

We would be very grateful for your valuable ideas and


1. Have you encountered similar devices (triaxial or
isometric measurement) in practice or papers? Please

2. Would it be a useful device? What activities can
be made easier with it?

3. How much will you pay for such a device at most?

4. What features should the device have?

5. Do you prefer to use such a device for your
clinical and research activities? Why?

Your occupation and degree:

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