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Kavi Bhalla
03-26-2003, 08:06 AM
Dear Biomech-L community,

We have been working on developing a 50th Male lower limb FE
model, based on the visible human model. Since the visible human
male, is much taller and heavier than an average male, we intend
to scale our FE mesh in three directions (prox-dist, ant-post,
and med-lat) to match the size of an average male lower limb.

In order to do this, I have been looking through the
biomechanics literature for the dimensions of the "average"
femur. The best leads I have found so far are Noble et al.
(1988), Husmann et al. (1997), and Iguchi et al. (1996). All of
these studies report femur anthropometric information from CTs,
radiographs and transverse sections of a large number of femurs.
While this is exactly the kind of data I'm looking for, none of
these papers report their results separately for Male and Female
populations. Since we expect differences in male/female, these
results are not suitable for a MALE lower limb model, such as

If anybody knows of a source for male bone geometry data, please
do let me know. I shall summarize and post replies.

If you have other ideas/comments on how we could scale a lower
limb FE mesh developed from visible human to 50th Male, I would
be happy to hear them.

Thank you
Kavi Bhalla

Hussmann, O., Rubin, P., Leyvraz, P., Rougin, B., and
Argenson, J., Three dimensional morphology of the proximal
femur, J. Arthroplasty, Vol. 12 (4), 444-450, 1997.
Iguchi, H., Hua, J., and Walker, P., Accuracy of using
radiographs for custom hip stem design, J. Arthroplasty, Vol.
11(3), 312-321,1996.
Noble, P., Alexander, J, Lindahl, L., Yew, D., Granberry, W.,
and Tullos, H., The anatomic basis of femoral component design,
Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 235, 148-163, 1988
Walker, PS, and Robertson, DD, Design and fabrication of
cementless hip stems, Clinical Orthopaedics and Related
Research, 235:25, 1988.

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