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Ton Van Den Bogert
06-11-1993, 05:23 PM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

Daniel R Baker said:
>Recently I wanted to reference some information I recieved over the
>network and I realized that I did not know how to do this properly. What
>I am soliciting, or starting a discussion of, is how to reference information
>received on email or through listservers. When are these references
>valid? Should the information be published elsewhere first? Should it be
>done under a newspaper/magazine-type format or should there be an
>"electronic format?"

I am sure Herman Woltring would have known the answer to this
question. He briefly discussed the matter last year on LSTOWN-L,
the list for list owners. The relevant messages were found by
sending the following LDBASE job to LISTSERV@SEARN:

//ListSrch JOB Echo=no
Database Search DD=Rules
//Rules DD *
index date.8 sender.30 subject.40
// EOJ

The contents of those messages follow below. No clear answer was
given here, but there seems to be a discussion list PACS-L for
librarians where the topic has received considerable attention.
It may be a good idea for Daniel Baker to cross-post the question
to PACS-L, or search the archives of that list using a database
job similar to the one listed above. I don't know where PACS-L
is located, but LISTSERV should know. I do know that any
LISTSERV will forward 'subscribe PACS-L' requests to the LISTSERV
that serves that list. Perhaps the database requests will also
be automatically forwarded.

Hope this information is useful.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator