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04-14-2003, 03:51 AM
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Vicon Motion Systems will be hosting a Workshop and a User's Group Meeting
during the 8th Annual
Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society Meeting at the Wyndham Hotel in
Wilmington, DE.

The Workshop will take place before the tutorials on Wednesday, May 7th from
8:00 am - 11:00 am.

The Workshop is highly recommended to all Vicon User's. New Updates to the
software that make it easier and faster than ever to obtain a printed and
multimedia report. How to process a set of Gait Analysis Trials and generate
a detailed, printed report using Polygon in seconds will be covered.
Optimized Lower Limb Gait Analysis will also be discussed. OLGA is a
strategy for increasing the accuracy and repeatability of Gait Analysis data
regardless of reproducibility of marker placement.

We have plenty of space at this workshop and will be serving a continental
Therefore, please RSVP to http://www.vicon.com/main/company/gcmas2003.shtml
by April 23rd.

We will also be scheduling time to provide more details on Optimized Lower
Limb Gait Analysis (OLGA). OLGA is a strategy for increasing the accuracy
and repeatability of Gait Analysis regardless of patient pathology. 11:15
am, 1:30 pm and 4:00pm are proposed times for a short meeting.

The Support Department is also offering site specific training on any Vicon
topic after 11:00am on Wednesday. Please RSVP to support@vicon.com
to schedule a time slot.

The Vicon Users' Group Meeting at GCMAS 2003 will take place on Thursday
evening starting at 6:30pm. The meeting is open to all attendees at the
GCMAS meeting.

We have a fun and exciting new twist for the meeting this year, so don't
miss out.
If you pay attention you may even come away a prize winner.
Of course there will be with plenty of food and drinks for everyone.

Some of the things on the schedule for the meeting are:
1) User presentation: Univ. of Del. - Gait Retraining in Runners: An
Application of the VICON Real-Time System
2) Get acquainted with other Vicon User's.
3) Update from the Support Department.
4) A section on what's new from Vicon Motion Systems.
5) Exciting Contest.

All attendees are invited to stop by our booth to see the latest Hardware
and Software options available from Vicon.

Please contact me to schedule a private demonstration or to answer any

Mike Kocourek, Business Development Manager, Life Sciences Div.
Vicon Motion Systems, Inc.
9 Spectrum Pointe Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Phone (949) 472-9140 Ext. 15
email: mike.kocourek@vicon.com

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