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04-14-2003, 07:10 AM
Dear List,

I'm a graduate student at the Gait lab here at the University of Iowa and I'm
doing some work involving plantar pressure measures in individuals with
diabetes mellitus. In this context, I have some questions and would appreciate
any insights that you would offer:

FOOT-INSOLE MOVEMENT: I'm looking for ways to get a feel for relative movement
between foot and insole, while using an in-shoe plantar pressure measuring
device, such as the Pedar system (Novel Inc, Munich). Several researchers have
used techniques to reduce foot movement relative to the insole. How does one
validate this? i.e. how can I demonstrate that foot-insole movement was reduced
using a given method?

MASKING AND PRESSURE TIME INTEGRALS: Masking is one way to access pressure data
under a specific part of the foot. I'm trying to undertand how best to 'mask'
an anatomical region of interest and how masking influences pressure time
integrals calculated. Within the software, pressure time integral is calculated
as area under the maximum pressure curve. Some researchers have chosen to
develop custom software and have included submaximal pressures in the
calculation of pressure time integral. Any thoughts / experiences with one
methods of masking and /or calculation would be greatly appreciated.

All feedback is welcome! I will have a summary of replies posted as soon as

Thanks in advance,

Smita Rao
Graduate Assistant
Gait Lab
01421 JPP
(w) 319 384 6893
(c) 319 621 2649

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