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Ton Van Den Bogert
06-12-1993, 03:45 AM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

Yesterday, I mentioned the PACS-L (Public Access Computer
Systems) mailing list. I was too lazy to find out where it was
located. In fact, it only took me one 'grep' to find it. It may
be useful to know how to do this. There are three 'lists of
lists' that I know of:

(1) The file 'LIST GLOBAL' (266 kB) lists all LISTSERV mailing
lists on Bitnet. Send the command 'get list global' to
LISTSERV@BITNIC.BITNET to obtain your copy. More than 3800 lists
are in this file. One of them is:

PACS-L PACS-L@UHUPVM1 Public-Access Computer Systems Forum

This means that postings should go to PACS-L@UHUPVM1.Bitnet and
administrative requests (subscribe, data base search etc.) to

(2) The file 'mailing-lists' (233 kB) is distributed periodically
through Usenet (news.answers), and tries to be a complete list of
Internet mailing lists. If you don't have Usenet, get a copy of
this file by anonymous ftp from pit-manager.mit.edu, file:

(3) The file 'interest-groups' is larger (1015 kB) but older, and
some of the entries may not be up to date anymore. From the
header of this file:

Welcome to the "List of lists." This is a listing of special interest
group mailing lists available on the Internet. This file is available via
anonymous ftp on ftp.nisc.sri.com in netinfo/interest-groups. A compressed
version is available in netinfo/interest-groups.Z. It may also be obtained
through e-mail by sending a message to mail-server@nisc.sri.com with "send
netinfo/interest-groups" in the body of the message.

A hardcopy, indexed version of this list is available from SRI
International. For more information send a message to nisc@nisc.sri.com.

There is a mailing-list for "List of lists" update notices. To get on this
list (or to submit updates to existing mailing-lists or add new ones), send
a message to interest-groups-request@nisc.sri.com.

SRI makes every attempt to keep entries current. However, since
information is provided by the list maintainers, some entries may be out of

There are many, many mailing lists on the network, but there are
few where the quality of contributions is as high as on Biomch-L.
Keep up the good work!

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator