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04-15-2003, 09:48 PM
Dear All,

the general idea of projecting laser line and/or point on a subject in space, capturing it with cameras and finally performing 3D reconstruction is well known. Although the laser source is not the only alternative I was wondering if any of you can recommend me a product on market which can scan throughput the space a laser line and/or point. Some sort of scanning control would be welcome as well, but (perhaps) not mandatory.
My second question is kind of related to the first one: has anyone
tried to calibrate video-projector, namely to find its calibration
parameters in space in similar fashion as with 'normal' camera?

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Tomislav.

Tomislav Pribanic, M.Sc., EE
Department for Electronic Systems and Information Processing
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
3 Unska, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
tel. ..385 1 612 98 67, fax. ..385 1 612 96 52
E-mail : tomislav.pribanic@fer.hr

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