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Nancy Joeckel
04-21-2003, 05:00 PM
If you have an interest either in proprioception or the brain's role
in common aches, pains, and movement problems, I invite you to browse
http://www.proworks-online.com. The site is still under
construction, but I plan to slowly build it into a solid source of
information about proprioceptive methods for resolving many common
mechanical problems. Any comments you might have about the
site/information would be much appreciated.

As you may know, proprioception is still largely a missing piece in
the chronic ache-and-pain puzzle. I've worked in this area for the
past 25 years. It's fascinating to watch the brain recognize
habitual motor control errors and then permanently upgrade its
functioning so those errors literally disappear. More importantly,
resolving those errors can often completely resolve a problem - such
as a case of chronic repetitive-use wrist tendonitis - which has been
labeled as permanent. So little is still being written about
proprioceptive methods that I decided to wade in and see what I could

I know that many of you are theoretical in focus. If you'd like to
know more about the applications side of proprioception, I'd be
delighted to talk with you more. Just email me privately.

I'll continue to lurk happily on this list, but if anyone knows of a
list more dedicated to proprioception, I'd very much appreciate
getting that information.


Nancy Joeckel
Nancy Joeckel, Proprioceptive Systems Specialist

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