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Nilay Mukherjee
04-23-2003, 04:37 AM
Hello All:

If a disk (circular or elliptic) made of an incompressible (Poissons ratio = D 0.5), transversely isotropic material (has two modulii- E1, E2) is
subject to a known uniform, uniaxial compression and its change in shape
as a result of the compression is known, is there a closed form or semi
analytical solution which relates the deformation of the disk in terms of
the anisotropy ratio E1/ E2?

In other words, can we determine the anisotropy ratio of the material of
the disk from a single uniaxial compression experiment?

My student looked through some books on Elasticity of anisotropic
materials- couldn't find anything.

The solution for an isotropic ball/disk exists - (Goodier, 1933).... so we
can find the modulus and Poisson's ratio of a isotropic disk subject to
uniaxial loading from its deformation in response to uniform uniaxial

Thank you.
If there are enough responses, I will post a reply.


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