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Jonathan Merritt
04-23-2003, 01:06 PM
Dear List,

I am pleased to announce the public release of PyStripchart: a software
library for displaying sampled data in an interactive, "strip chart"
form. Currently, this library is employed for data collection from
in-vivo strain gauges, but could be used to display any regularly
sampled data. It is available online here:
The website includes screenshots, API documentation, and a "Getting
Started" tutorial.

PyStripchart is released under the GNU General Public License for
Libraries, which is an Open Source license. This license ensures that
the software remains freely available and effectively owned by a
community of interested developers rather than any individual or
organization. The license does not, however, preclude the use of the
library as part of commercial software. Additions and modifications are
also most welcome.

PyStripchart is written and developed primarily for the Linux platform.
It is written in Python to enable the rapid application development that
is necessary for research applications. Python itself is an Open Source
product, and is used at companies such as Disney, Industrial Light and
Magic, and the Google search engine. PyStripchart also makes use of the
GTK+ widget set and PyGTK to provide an underlying framework.

I am interested in making PyStripchart as easy to work with as possible
for general biomechanics applications. Any suggestions, queries or
contributed code are very welcome.

Jonathan Merritt, PhD Student.
The Equine Centre,
Faculty of Veterinary Science,
The University of Melbourne.

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