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04-25-2003, 06:10 AM

Dear Members of BIOMCH-L:

We have been trying for some time now to locate the manufacturer of
the B-200 triaxial trunk dynamometer without success so far. We are
interested to buy this piece of equipment an would like to have the
name of a contact person and his or her coordinates (phone, fax, email).

Can anybody on this list give us this information?


Denis Gagnon

SUMMARY OF REPLIES **************************

It seems that the manufacturer of the B-200 triaxial trunk dynamometer is
out of business. Some of their last manufactured model might be
available from one of the respondent (Doud Truitt).

Thanks to all,

Denis Gagnon

INDIVIDUAL RESPONSES *************************


I used to work in a physical therapy center that owned a b-200. I'm not
sure who the manufacturer is, but I can give you the contact details of the
owner of the center.

The manager's name is Roger Morgan

15 Bowen Bridge Road
Queensland 4006

Phone: +61 7 32524000
fax: +61 7 32521295

Tell him Julie Stebbins gave you his contact details.

Good luck!



Dear Denis, As far as I know Isotechnologies that used to manufacture B200 is
now working in some other field and B200 is no longer available by this company.

Sincerely,Feras Hakkak


Hi Denis,

I'm not sure about where to get a B-200, but, depending on what you're
looking for, the Lumbar Motion Monitor by Chattinooga Group (Chattinooga,
Tennessee) is an excellent exoskeleton device for motion analysis of the

Good luck.

Jim Phillips


Dr. Gagnon,
The company that made that was Isotechnologies and it was down here in NC.
I believe they went out of business and I am not sure if anyone else is
selling this device. You may be able to get a used one from someone if they
offer it up on the list.
Dan Kelaher
NCSU PhD Student


I received e-mail from James Martin concerning B-200 back machine. I have five
in stock and numerous repair parts. If you are interested in any purchases, you
can contact me at 336-584-4437.Thanks, Doug Truitt

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