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Jeffrey Lewis - Umdnj
04-29-2003, 12:23 AM
Deadline Extension - IWVR 2003
We are extending the deadline for paper submission to IWVR to May 25. This is
done to allow more submissions.

Many of you promised to support this new, but important conference, by
submitting papers. We want to thank those who did. We believe that the extra time will allow a good write up of your unpublished results,
assuming they are at hand. We also ask you to help publicize the conference by
pointing to our wonderful web site (thanks Jeff) www.iwvr.org.

Thank you in advance!

Greg Burdea and Daniel Thalmann
General Co-Chairs
2nd International Workshop on Virtual Rehabilitation
September 21-22, Rutgers University, USA

Posted By:
Jeffrey Lewis, Local Chair

E: lewisje@umdnj.edu

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