View Full Version : help in search for questionnaire on physical activity

Caroline Terwee
06-15-1993, 01:30 AM
To whom it may concern,

At the TNO-Institute of Preventive Health Care (NIPG) a prospective
study is planned to determine individual- and occupational risk factors
for back- and neck/shoulder/arm problems.
In this research the emphasis will be on the relationship between
movement, forces and postural load (mechanical load) on one end and back-
and neck/shoulder/arm problems on the other end.
Besides an extensive investigation at the workplace on
mechanical load, also risk factors outside the workplace will be measured,
mainly "life-style" factors.
For the measurement of these life-style factors (including leisure time
physical activity, smoking habits, alcohol (ab)use etc.) we are looking
for questionnaires that measure leisure time physical activity. In the
literature we found several questionnaires measuring leisure time physical
activity based on energy expenditure, but we are particularly interested in
questionnaires measuring leisure time mechanical load (in terms of
postures/forces). So far, we did not find anything in this area.
Therefore, we send this message, to ask if anyone can help us out:

* Does anyone know a questionnaire that measures leisure time mechanical load
in terms of postures / forces?

* Can anyone give us advise / hints where to look for such questionnaires?

We thank you very much for your help.

Caroline Terwee (NIPG-TNO).