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Arend W. A. Van Gemmert
05-01-2003, 02:16 AM
Dear Colleagues,

Several colleagues asked to consider
an extension of the deadline to submit their extended abstract

Eventhough we have received already many exciting titles and preliminary
abstracts for IGS2003 at our web-site http://www.IGS2003.com
(11th conference of the International Graphonomics Society),
2-5 November 2003, Arizona, USA.
We have decided to respond to these requests by extending our deadline.
We will continue to accept extended abstracts to be presented at IGS2003
till May 31, 2003.

We would like to encourage you to submit, especially if you
have contributions in the fields
of Education and developmental applications,
Medical Applications, and Novel Developments.

You are welcome to update your extended abstracts
or make other changes. Just go to

and click Edit.

I also like to take the opportunity to announce that we have secured
the participation of three widely known keynote speakers
for additional information):

Kevin Warwick
Professor of Cybernetics, University of Reading, UK.
Control of a Robot Hand, and Other Applications, Using Neural
Signals Obtained through an Implant.

Daniel Bullock
Associate Professor, Cognitive and Neural Systems
Department and Psychology Department, Boston University.
From Parallel Sequence Representations to Calligraphic Control.

Stephen Grossberg
Wang Professor of Cognitive and Neural Systems;
Professor of Mathematics, Psychology, and Biomedical Engineering;
Chairman of the Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems;
Director of the Center for Adaptive Systems, Boston University.
How Do Children Learn to Write? Modeling the Link from Brain
Dynamics to Complex Sensory-Motor Control.

We will be happy to welcome you in November in Scottsdale, Arizona
at the IGS2003.

With kind regards,
Arend Van Gemmert

P.S http://www.IGS2003.com can be best viewed with
IE5.0 or later or NS6.0
or later.

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