View Full Version : Need SEMG data of adults (Age 45 onwards) during normal walking

Suhas Gajre
05-01-2003, 08:16 PM
Dear all,

I am thankful to all those who replied to my earlier mail.

I want SEMG data of some adult persons, preferably aged 45 years and
above, for some experiments in signal processing. I am interested in
quadriceps muscles. It will be a great pleasure if some one gives me
data of normal volunteers urgently. As mailed earlier, I want the data
in downloadable link or in CD form.

Please mail if anybody can help me. My email id is

Waiting for help,

-Suhas Gajre

ooooO Ooooo Your walking speaks a lot!
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\ / \ / # Suhas Gajre
( ) ( ) Research Scholar
CBME, IIT, Delhi, India

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