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Jason Mihalik
05-05-2003, 03:05 AM
BIOMCH-L Listserv Members,

I am studying the kinematic and kinetic changes associated with mild head injury. One of my hypotheses suggests that subjects with mild head injury will experience a greater instability that match subjects without. I am also hypothesizing that subjects with mild head injury are more likely to experience a "hip" strategy as opposed to an "ankle" strategy. Although I have found a number of references that discuss the differences between the two, I have not come across a reference that identifies the key variable of measure to differentiate between the two strategies.

I would think that relative range of motion (ROM subject's hip/ankle went through with respect to their total ROM) would be a better indicator than simply comparing variation of joint angles at the hip and ankle. A variation of 10deg at the hip would be a lot less significant than the same variation in the ankle.

Does anyone have any information that they would like to provide me? I will post a summary of the findings to the listserv if there is interest.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Mihalik, B.Sc, CAT(C), ATC
Master's Candidate
University of Pittsburgh
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Sports Medicine Program
Pittsburgh, PA

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