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05-05-2003, 09:55 PM
Hi all,

Maybe someone know the answer to a question I have. If you know someone that could help me, please tell me.

I would like to know why people adopt the contraposto pose (like "David of Michelangelo") while standing.
That is, a flexed leg and the body weight supported by the other leg.

I want to know it because I'm interested in generate postures automatically
and a standing person, sooner or later, will converge to this posture. I would like the reason
that drive people to adopt this posture. In fact, my questions are:
do we adopt this posture due to we are trying to find passive torque in the limit of the hip joint?
In other words, Is it related to passive elastic joint moments obtained in the joint limit?
I've read that passive elastic joint moment is produced only by a assisted movement (a second person
forces the movement). Is it true?

thanks in advance,
Inmaculada (inma@aut.uah.es)

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