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Roger Johnson
06-15-1993, 07:56 AM
Are both C. Vaughn and J. M. Adams biomedical engineers.
I am Roger Johnson, communications director of The Whitaker
Foundation in Washington, DC. I'm putting together a comprehensive
database of BMEs on email. Could you help me at UVA? At least get me
started or pass the job to the department secretary for a comprehensive job.
I'm particularly interested in email addresses for the following
former and current Whitaker grantees:
Donald J. Wright, MD
Thomas Massaro, MD PhD
M. B. Merickel, PhD
George T. Gillies, PhD
Zhifeng Shao, PhD
Mark Braiman, PhD
Eric J. Fernandez

I will keep you informed of your progress creating a national
electronic resource for BMEs. Are you interested?