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Kelly-ann Page
05-07-2003, 11:12 PM
Dear Fellow List Members

I am currently completing my PhD and am interesting in
gaining some different viewpoints on the methods of my final

Ideally, I would like to collect surface emg of the upper
trapezius muscle, but due to the set up of my study I can
not position my electrodes on the recommended placement as
both shoulders are covered on all subjects during testing.
Pilot testing has indicated that on some subjects, the
furthest distance electrodes can be placed from the spinous
process of C7 is 3.5 and 5.5 cms (inter-electrode distance
of 20mm). This is on a subject that measures 17 cms from C7
to the acromion process. Other subjects displayed similar
ratios with electrodes placed at 4 and 6 cms over an 18 cm
C7 to acromion distance. I am not sure if this will result
in data that should not be relied on in a thesis, especially
considering the fascia in this area.

Some colleagues have also displayed concern as all subjects
will be running on a treadmill while this emg is collected.
All analysis is within subject, but although I have searched
the literature I have found no research collecting emg from
this muscle during a dynamic task such as running. Is there
a reason why this should not be done?

Any feedback on these methods would be greatly appreciated
and a summary of responses will be sent when collated.

Yours thankfully

Kelly-Ann Bowles
PhD Candidate
Biomechanics Research Laboratory
University of Wollongong

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