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Tamika Heiden
05-09-2003, 05:01 AM
I am undertaking research examining the reproducibility and probability of
slipping and falling. The set up of the area to be used for the experiment
has raised the question as to which leg should be used for slipping.

I have done an extensive search of the literature for research on leg
dominance in slipping and falling, however the references found have not
provided any information regarding why a particular limb would be chosen
for examination in a slip and fall study. The previous BIOMCH-L post on
limb dominance provided some good information on differences and
similarities in gait variables in walking gait but did not provide any
information with regard to slipping and recovery from slipping. Previous
studies on slipping and falling have not specified the leg which was used
as the slip leg.

The argument so far:
1. In a true slip situation it could be either limb that slips.
2. In a kicking movement the dominant limb is used for kicking and the
non-dominant limb is used for stabilizing the body. Therefore, if the
non-dominant leg was to be used as the slip leg it could be hypothesized
that this would reduce the chance of recovery as the subject would have to
rely on the dominant leg for providing recovery/stability.

I would appreciate reference to research or advice/comments on which leg to
use as the slip leg.

A summary of responses will be posted.

Tamika Heiden
BSc Sports Science. Hons. (ECU)
Masters Student
Department of Human Kinetics
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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