View Full Version : data about the swing at highbar

05-14-2003, 02:05 AM
Dear all,

We are conducting a study on frontswing at high bar. We are seeking
experimental data about hand-bar angle, shoulder, hip and knee joint angles.
If anyone knows if some data are available on the net it will be really

We will post a resume of all answers.

Thank you in advance

Dr. REZZOUG Nasser
Laboratoire Ergonomie Sportive et Performance
UniversitÚ de Toulon et du Var
Avenue de l'universitÚ
BP 132, 83957 La Garde
tÚl: 04-94-14-27-16
fax: 04-94-14-22-78
email : rezzoug@univ-tln.fr ou nasser.rezzoug@univ-tln.fr

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