View Full Version : ISB Standards - Help Requested

P.r. Cavanagh
06-17-1993, 12:43 PM
Readers of the ISB Newsletter will be aware that the ISB is about
to recommend Standards for Representation of Kinematic data.
These standards involve a basic set of recommendations for
Global and Segmental reference frames.

For joint angles, we propose to establish working groups of ISB
members who are specializing in one joint or region of the body
and to ask these groups to suggest a consensus on conventions
for Joint Coordinate Systems at the various joints. An example
would be the work of Grood and Suntay (1983) [A Joint Co-
ordinate System for the Clinical Description of Three-Dimensional
Motions: Application to the Knee, J. Biomechanical Eng. 105:136-
144] on a JCS for the knee joint.

This preliminary posting is to solicit the names of those ISB
members who would be interested in being part of such a group
to work towards a standard at a specific joint. Please include
your name and the region(s)/joint(s) of the body in which you
have an interest. Give a citation to a representative publication
from your group if possible.

Replies will be acknowledged in mid July.


Peter R Cavanagh
Secretary General