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unknown user
06-17-1993, 03:40 PM
This is a request for help from anyone who may have information about
some specific equipment.

1. As part of a study into the passive mechanical properties of the ankle
joint, we need a torque motor with an operating range up to 50-70Nm. We
intend to control the motor using a variety of input signals at various
frequencies. Does anyone have any information about suitable motors?
We would appreciate details of:
torque application capabilities
suppliers and models
costs if known
inputs used for control
validation studies which might exist
gearing systems used
noise/signal characteristics
any other useful information.

2. Some colleagues are involved in a psychophysical study into apprehension
in elderly "fallers". They are looking for ambulatory physiological
monitoring equipment to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, galvanic
skin response and skin temperature. Does anyone know of commercially
available equipment to do this?

Thank you, in anticipation.

Jack Crosbie
School of Physiotherapy
The University of Sydney