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Rettig, Oliver
05-20-2003, 06:00 PM

thanks a lot for all your responses. Some weeks ago I had the following

> we are using BodyBuilder to implement simple biomechanical models in
> combination with our Vicon motion capture system. If the models grow up we
> use additional Matlab. Some other research groups do it like us. But
> really not state of the art of software development.
> So I´m interesting how you make such things. Are there any alternatives?
> software packages I do not know? Are there any research groups interesting
> in new software for biomechanical modelling? What are your appearances and
> main difficulties?

I have summarized the responses in the following. If I have got responses
from different people with nearly the same content I have only added the
first answer:

Edmund Cramp (eac@motion-labs.com) Motion Lab Systems writes me that they
have software packages to for reading and writing c3d-files. So we can write
our biomechanical models in any programming language.

We offer a software package called C3Dserver that makes reading and
writing C3D data files very easy, using Visual Basic, Java, C++ etc. A
non-commercial version of the C3Dserver is available for free from


John Rasmussen (jr@anybodytech.com) tells me about the AndyBody-Project
http://www.anybodytech.com The goal of AnyBody is computation of muscle and
joint forces involved in the movement.


I think that two other ways are also possible:
1) to develop a plug-in for your Vicon, using the Vicon SDK.
2) to use a software for mechanical simulations, like ADAMS. The problem
here is to import the VICON data into the software.
Please let me know if you receive other suggestions.

Ing. Andrea Giovanni Cutti
DEIS - Dept. of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems,
University of Bologna


Visual3D is an excellent alternative to BodyBuilder, with much greater
functionality. It was developed from the original NIH software, Move3D,
but now has great graphics and the ability to work with ADAMS for
advanced modeling and simulation.


Dr. Chris Kirtley MD PhD (kirtley@cua.edu)
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Catholic University of America


I have also got a lot of responses of research groups which uses matlab for

best regards

Dipl. Phys. Oliver Rettig
Stiftung Orthopädische Universitätsklinik Heidelberg
Anschrift: Schlierbacher Landstr. 200a
69118 Heidelberg
Fax: 06221-96 6725

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