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Miguel Tito
05-21-2003, 11:23 PM
Hello everyone,

I have just joined the list and I need a bit of help. I am doing some
research on the variability of anthropometric variables in the elderly
population of different european countries and I'm finding it very hard
to obtain data, both relevant and comparable.

More precisely, I need the mean value and standard deviation of the
following dimensions.
StatureFoot lengthArm lengthEye height sitting (seat - corner of the
eye)Elbow height above seatPopliteal heightButtock popliteal lengtjHip
breadthI also need to know the source of the data, sample size and age
group. Since the study is aimed at the elderly, subjects must be over 60
years old.

Data from any european country will be more than welcome. I am
particularly interested in differences between regions, (e.g. north -
south, or Scandinavia - central Europe - mediterranean Europe).

Thanks a lot.

Miguel Tito
Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia
Tel. 96 136 60 32

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