View Full Version : Polhemus motion tracker problem

Paul Treffner
05-28-2003, 07:34 AM
Dear all,

We use (or did use) a Polhemus electromagnetic motion tracker 8-sensor
system for our biomechanics and visualisation research. Unfortunately one
of the MCU (motion control unit) boxes seems to have died. Does anybody out
there have an old Polhemus MCU they might like to offer to us? The problem
apparently is that our system consisted of 2 MCUs - a master (4 sensors)
and a slave (4 sensors) = 8 sensors in total. The MCUs were built circa
1997 and we bought them via Skill Technologies together with their 6D
software. They have worked well until now. Apparently the new Polhemus MCUs
are not compatible with the old ones. Thus, to avoid buying a whole new
motion capture system (expensive!), we would like to locate an old Polhemus
slave MCU. If anyone has a slave MCU that they are able to part with (e.g.,
you have upgraded to a better or different motion capture technology
altogether), we would be more than pleased to negotiate with you (indeed we
would be thrilled!).

With thanks,

Paul Treffner, Associate Professor
Complex Active Visualisation (CAV) lab
School of Information Technology
Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus
PMB 50, Gold Coast Mail Centre
QLD 9726, Australia
tel. +61 7 5552 8215

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