View Full Version : Locomotor Biomechanics Studenship Available

Payne, Rachel
07-02-2003, 11:20 PM
An NERC studentship at the new Research Council rate of 12000 pa is
available from October 2003 to UK and European Union nationals for work
towards a PhD. with Prof. Robin Crompton at the University of Liverpool on
the biomechanics of locomotion and its evolution. Applicants will need a
strong background in mechanics, and preferably programming in C/C++ and/or
computer modelling. Lab facilities include a network of Silicon Graphics
workstations, 1000 Hz 6-camera Qualisys motion capture system, Kistler
forceplates and Gaitway instrumented treadmill, RSscan pressure plates, EMG
and Cosmed gas analysis system. (See: www.liv.ac.uk/premog
.) Contact Prof. Crompton on rhcromp@liv.ac.uk
with a CV by 15 July.

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