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07-04-2003, 12:19 PM
Following the pattern of last years World Congress of Biomechanics, ISBweb
will be hosting daily reports from the ISB Congress in Dunedin, New Zealand.
The reports will feature reviews, commentary, and a serious look at the
lighter side. The first daily report will be posted on Monday July 7th at
http://www.isbweb.org/notisb/index.html .

In association with the Congress, the (not)ISBweb team is looking for the
world's best biomechanical Haiku. A modest prize will be awarded at the ISB
Congress banquet on Friday July 11th, but you don't have to be at the
Congress, or be an ISB member to enter. More details, and some samples of
biomechanical haikus, at http://www.isbweb.org/notisb/haiku.html .

Martyn Shorten
ISB Informatics

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