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07-08-2003, 06:50 AM
I'm a PhD candidate looking at spine modeling for congenital scoliosis
(where one of the vertebrae is deformed). I am modifying an existing model
of a normal spine and have a question about muscle stress for erector

The model currently uses a value of 35 N/cm^2 for muscle stress, but
studies of fiber type & scoliosis have shown a greater than normal
percentage of Type 1 fibers on the convex side in congenital scoliosis and
a normal percentage on the concave side(refr 1-5) (N.B. this is different
than idiopathic scoliosis). I would therefore like to change the convex
muscle stress value to reflect this.

But in reviewing the muscle stress literature & biomchL archives i have
been unable to discover a concensus on what the muscle stress by fiber type
should be, although there seems to be agreement that it changes with fiber
type, and also changes with different muscles (refr 6-10).

I would appreciate any thoughts, suggestions or references on what a
reasonable value for erector spinae with predominantly Type 1 fibers should

I will gladly post a summary of responses.
Many thanks,
Sheila Purkiss
PhD. Candidate
University of Toronto/Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Canada
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