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Juliette Steer
07-21-2003, 06:30 PM
Dear all,

I am looking at FEA of lumbar spondylolysis (and other related fields) for
my PhD. I have created an accurate 3D FE model of a normal L5 vertebra
which I will later manipulate to investigate the spondylolytic vertebra. I
am also aware that there are many lumbar spinal FE models available (Zander
et al, 2001) (Bogduk et al, 1992) (Shirazi-Adl et al, 1984) (Robin et al,
1994) (Breau et al, 1991) that include muscle forces and/or ligament forces.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would be willing to share an L5 (or
multi-body) vertebral model with muscle and/or ligament forces applied?

I will of course summarise the replies.

Many thanks

Juliette Steer

Research Student
Bioengineering Group - D&CS
Anglia Polytechnic University
Victoria Road South

Email: j.steer@apu.ac.uk

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