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Ton Van Den Bogert
07-22-2003, 11:29 PM
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Aldo Palumbo is planning a TV documentary and is
looking for contacts with laboratories that do cadaveric studies. From
his description, attached below, I get the impression that this project could
contribute to a positive appreciation of this type of research among the
general public. It would be good to have a high-quality representation from
the field of biomechanics.

Please reply directly to Aldo Palumbo.


Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

Aldo Palumbo wrote:
> We're looking into a possible TV programme on the value of cadaveric testing
> to science. This is an idea we are working on with New Scientist magazine. We
> already have positive signs from the Education department of UK network
> broadcaster Channel4. Typically we would look for a US partner in Discovery.
> The general theme of the programme would be that, although it's a difficult
> concept, each and everyone of us depends on this data - either directly or
> indirectly. Here is why and this is how. Our film will be an hour long and
> therefore constitute an indepth account of the value of cadaveric research
> and organ harvesting to human well being.
>>From the testing point of view, I think our film would need to look at how
> existing data is used in mannequin testing and computer modelling, before
> we go on to make the point that all this data and all corroboration of 'crash
> test dummy' work relies upon cadaveric testing either with whole cadavers or
> samples such as heads, torsos and femurs. Then we need to film these tests in
> a sensitive and restricted manner.
> Clearly, we can't be explicit and a lot filming will be around the tests and
> not on the cadavers themselves. For instance, seeing box a marked 'cadaver
> sample', being told it's a body part, watching it being impacted in a very
> wide camera shot and then seeing x-ray film of what happened in biomechanical
> terms is both engaging and humbling. You're going to look at your car's
> airbag or police officer's body armour in a much more appreciative way after
> that. That's one possible approach.
> I realise that this work does not happen everyday, so we need all the
> cooperative contacts we can get.
> In addition to cadaveric testing for impact testing, sports injuries and
> ballistic we are also looking at forensic pathology, organ donation and
> anatomy studies as part of our general film about what we can offer the world
> once we've passed on.
> I am very keen to add De-mining Tech to that list.
> I look forward to any help you can offer.
> best wishes
> Aldo Palumbo
> Mentorn Scotland part of TV Corp. PLC
> Tel 011 44 141 204 6606
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