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07-25-2003, 05:01 AM
This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.
Dan Ferris
Univ. of Michigan


Botz JT. Loudon C. Barger JB. Olafsen JS. Steeples DW.
Effects of slope and particle size on ant locomotion: Implications for
choice of substrate by antlions
Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. 76(3):426-435, 2003 Jul.

Taylor JRA. Kier WM.
Switching skeletons: Hydrostatic support in molting crabs
Science. 301(5630):209-210, 2003 Jul 11.

Chen XJ. Xu XF. Ji X.
Influence of body temperature on food assimilation and locomotor
performance in white-striped grass lizards, Takydromus wolteri
Journal of Thermal Biology. 28(5):385-391, 2003 Jul.

Gemballa S. Ebmeyer L. Hagen K. Hannich T. Hoja K. Rolf M. Treiber
K. Vogel F. Weitbrecht G.
Evolutionary transformations of myoseptal tendons in gnathostomes
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London - Series B: Biological
Sciences. 270(1521):1229-1235, 2003 Jun 22.

Cerveira AM. Jackson RR. Guseinov EF.
Stalking decisions of web-invading araneophagic jumping spiders from
Australia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Kenya, Portugal, and Sri Lanka: the
opportunistic smokescreen tactics of Brettus, Cocalus, Cyrba, and Portia
New Zealand Journal of Zoology. 30(1):21-30, 2003 Mar.

Tanida Y.
Locomotion by tandem and parallel wings (A note on the flight of
dragonflies and beetles)
JSME International Journal Series B-Fluids & Thermal Engineering.
46(2):244-249, 2003 May.


Frazer MB. Norman RW. Wells RP. Neumann WP.
The effects of job rotation on the risk of reporting low back pain
Ergonomics. 46(9):904-919, 2003 Jul 15.

Legg SJ. Barr A. Hedderley DI.
Subjective perceptual methods for comparing backpacks in the field
Ergonomics. 46(9):935-955, 2003 Jul 15.


Daniels GL. Newell KM.
Attentional focus influences the walk-run transition in human locomotion
Biological Psychology. 63(2):163-178, 2003 May.


Ahn AN. Monti RJ. Biewener AA.
In vivo and in vitro heterogeneity of segment length changes in the
semimembranosus muscle of the toad
Journal of Physiology-London. 549(3):877-888, 2003 Jun 15.


Naeije M. Hofman N.
Biomechanics of the human temporomandibular joint during chewing
Journal of Dental Research. 82(7):528-531, 2003 Jul.


Sirois I. Cheung AM. Ward WE.
Biomechanical bone strength and bone mass in young male and female rats
fed a fish oil diet
Prostaglandins Leukotrienes & Essential Fatty Acids. 68(6):415-421, 2003

Selecky MT. Tibone JE. Yang BY. McMahon PJ. Lee TQ.
Glenohumeral joint translation after arthroscopic thermal capsuloplasty of
the posterior capsule
Journal of Shoulder & Elbow Surgery. 12(3):242-246, 2003 May-Jun.

Debski RE. Moore SM. Mercer JL. Sacks MS. McMahon PJ.
The collagen fibers of the anteroinferior capsulolabrum have multiaxial
orientation to resist shoulder dislocation
Journal of Shoulder & Elbow Surgery. 12(3):247-252, 2003 May-Jun.

Deutch SR. Jensen SL. Olsen BS. Sneppen O.
Elbow joint stability in relation to forced external rotation: An
experimental study of the osseous constraint
Journal of Shoulder & Elbow Surgery. 12(3):287-292, 2003 May-Jun.

Morrison RS. Magaziner J. McLaughlin MA. Orosz G. Silberzweig SB.
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Arbabi S. Wahl WL. Hemmila MR. Kohoyda-Inglis C. Taheri PA. Wang SC.
The cushion effect
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Fleischmann KR.
Cadaver use and coping mechanisms in a biomechanics laboratory
Omega - Journal of Death & Dying. 46(2):117-135, 2002.

Fredericks DC. Piehl DJ. Baker JT. Abbott J. Nepola JV.
Effects of pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation on distraction
osteogenesis in the rabbit tibial leg lengthening model
Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics. 23(4):478-483, 2003 Jul-Aug.

Hidaka C. Goodrich LR. Chen CT. Warren RF. Crystal RG. Nixon AJ.
Acceleration of cartilage repair by genetically modified chondrocytes over
expressing bone morphogenetic protein-7
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 21(4):573-583, 2003 Jul.

Giurea A. Klein TJ. Chen AC. Goomer RS. Coutts RD. Akeson WH. Amiel
D. Sah RL.
Adhesion of perichondrial cells to a polylactic acid scaffold
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 21(4):584-589, 2003 Jul.

Forslund C. Rueger D. Aspenberg P.
A comparative dose-response study of cartilage-derived morphogenetic
protein (CDMP)-1,-2 and-3 for tendon healing in rats
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 21(4):617-621, 2003 Jul.

Meyer RA. Meyer MH. Tenholder M. Wondracek S. Wasserman R. Garges P.
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Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - American Volume. 85A(7):1243-1254, 2003

Klein P. Schell H. Streitparth F. Heller M. Kassi JP. Kandziora F.
Bragulla H. Haas NP. Duda GN.
The initial phase of fracture healing is specifically sensitive to
mechanical conditions
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 21(4):662-669, 2003 Jul.

Abramowitch SD. Papageorgiou CD. Withrow JD. Gilbert TW. Woo SLY.
The effect of initial graft tension on the biomechanical properties of a
healing ACL replacement graft: a study in goats
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 21(4):708-715, 2003 Jul.

Crum JA. LaPrade RF. Wentorf FA.
The anatomy of the posterolateral aspect of the rabbit knee
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 21(4):723-729, 2003 Jul.

Buechel FF. Pappas MJ.
Ten-year evaluation of cementless Buechel-Pappas meniscal bearing total
ankle replacement
Foot & Ankle International. 24(6):462-472, 2003 Jun.

Olson SL. Ledoux WR. Ching RP. Sangeorzan BJ.
Muscular imbalances resulting in a clawed hallux
Foot & Ankle International. 24(6):477-485, 2003 Jun.

Reddy GK.
Glucose-mediated in vitro glycation modulates biomechanical integrity of
the soft tissues but not hard tissues
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 21(4):738-743, 2003 Jul.


Drasdo D. Hohme S.
Individual-based approaches to birth and death in avascular tumors
Mathematical & Computer Modelling. 37(11):1163-1175, 2003 Jun.

Han LH. Noble JA. Burcher M.
A novel ultrasound indentation system for measuring biomechanical
properties of in vivo soft tissue
Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. 29(6):813-823, 2003 Jun.

Ouyang HW. Goh JCH. Thambyah A. Teoh SH. Lee EH.
Knitted poly-lactide-co-glycolide scaffold loaded with bone marrow stromal
cells in repair and regeneration of rabbit Achilles tendon
Tissue Engineering. 9(3):431-439, 2003 Jun.

Boote C. Dennis S. Newton RH. Puri H. Meek KM.
Collagen fibrils appear more closely packed in the prepupillary cornea:
Optical and biomechanical implications
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. 44(7):2941-2948, 2003 Jul.


Rao SG. Walter JS. Jamnia A. Wheeler JS. Damaser MS.
Predicting urethral area from video-urodynamics in women with voiding
Neurourology & Urodynamics. 22(4):277-283, 2003.

Andersen T. Jensen AS. Lalla M. Jorgensen CS. Jorgensen TM.
A new method to correlate histology with biomechanical properties in
urethral tissue. An in-vitro study using light microscopy and scanning
acoustic microscopy
APMIS. 111(Suppl 109):35-38, 2003.


de Groot S. Veeger HEJ. Hollander AP. van der Woude LHV.
Adaptations in physiology and propulsion techniques during the initial
phase of learning manual wheelchair propulsion
American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 82(7):504-510,
2003 Jul.

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