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07-28-2003, 01:18 AM
Thanks to those who expressed an interest. Unfortunately the email server
at my work failed the day the query was posted, so if you sent a reply that
isn't listed here then please resend. I suspect summer holidays also
reduced response rate.
Thanks again,
Sheila Purkiss

Original posting:
>...in reviewing the muscle stress literature & biomchL archives i have
>been unable to discover a concensus on what the muscle stress by fiber
>should be, although there seems to be agreement that it changes with fiber
>type, and also changes with different muscles (refr 6-10).
>I would appreciate any thoughts, suggestions or references on what a
>reasonable value for erector spinae with predominantly Type 1 fibers

David L Morgan, Monash University Clayton, Australia
Yes there were early reports that they were very different, that have
since ben contradicted. My feeling is that most people now believe
that the difference is small.

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