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Carrie Scharl
08-02-2003, 04:53 AM
My name is Carrie Scharl, and I am a junior at Carroll College in Waukesha,
Wisconsin. I am currently working on a research project in which I will be
determining which starting block, the traditional down blocks or the Moye
blocks, offers the sprinter a greater advantage by comparing the forces and
times over which the forces are created during starts out of the two blocks.
Moye blocks start the sprinter in a standing position while the down blocks
start the sprinter in the traditional crouched position.

Franklin M. Henry found that comparing the force-time curves of a sprint start
can be used to determine what start position is the most ideal for the
("Force-Time Characteristics of the Sprint Start", 1952). Numerous other
have used this same method do compare other aspects of the sprint start;
however, this method has not been used to compare the newer Moye blocks to the
down blocks.

I am trying to determine the best way to attach the blocks to a force plate so
they will not slide or move during the start. The past studies I looked at did
not mention how the starting block was attached to the force platform. I have
corresponded with one researcher and with Kistler (the manufacturer of the
plate), who have given me similar methods on attaching the blocks to the force
plate. It has been suggested by Kistler to use angle brackets to attach
the blocks to the plate. However, they do not know how exactly this would be
done as they have never actually done it.

I am looking for other opinions on how the starting blocks should be attached
the force plate. Does anyone have experience in this area? If so, how did you
attach the blocks to the plate to prevent them from moving? Does anyone have
ideas on this subject? I appreciate any help/suggestions that anyone has.

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