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Rene Steiner
06-27-1993, 06:07 PM
Dear fellow BIOMCH-L readers,

I received a lot of responses and encouragement to my question about
animation and visualization software currently in use for the
presentation of whole body movements. Thanks to all to contributed
so far. I got a lot of requests for a summary and decided to post
it to the list.

Some of the contributors suggested meeting at the ISB Congress in
Paris. I would be happy to talk to you during the poster session
COMPUTER MODELING: POSTERS (I) held on Wednesday 7 July from 9.40
to 10.50 in AERA J, where I shall be presenting a poster on movement
simulation (no. 9 in the programme).

Because of this, I shall post my summary of all the replies after
the congress.

Thanks again and a good trip to Paris to those of you who participate
at the congress.

Rene Steiner

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