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Marcia Daumen
08-05-2003, 05:26 AM
What's New on the Center for International
Rehabilitation Research
Information and Exchange (CIRRIE) Website?

If you have not visited the CIRRIE site recently, here
are some new
features you may wish to access:

Database of International Research:

The CIRRIE Database of International Research now
contains over 20,000

"Quick Search" allows users to quickly access the most
often searched
topics in CIRRIE and Rehabdata.

A list of over 2,000 rehabilitation journals that are
indexed the CIRRIE
Database. Some of these journals are well known in
their country of
origin, but not well known by many U.S. researchers.

International Travel Grant Program:

A new international travel grant program for minority
serving institutions.
(Information about the standard international travel
grant program is at

Cultural Diversity Resources:

The complete 11-volume monograph series, The
Rehabilitation Provider's
Guide to Cultures of the Foreign-Born.

Two annotated bibliographies, one on disability in the
Middle East and the
second on disability in southern Africa, compiled by
M. Miles of the United


Proceedings of the CIRRIE conference, Providing
Culturally Competent
Disability Services for Persons Born in Other
Countries. (May 2002)

CIRRIE conference on International Research
Collaboration in Rehabilitation
(July, 2003). http://cirrie.buffalo.edu/2003/

Other Resources:

The Country Directory, including contact information
and descriptions of
research centers, government agencies, associations
and organizations from
around the world that work with disability or
rehabilitation, is now
searchable. http://cirrie.buffalo.edu/directory/

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