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08-18-2003, 03:23 AM
This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.
Dan Ferris
Univ. of Michigan


Yonekura K. Maki-Yonekura S. Namba K.
Complete atomic model of the bacterial flagellar filament by electron
Nature. 424(6949):643-650, 2003 Aug 7.

Saito A. Suetomo Y. Arikawa M. Omura G. Khan SMMK. Kakuta S. Suzaki
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Animal locomotion: How to walk on water
Nature. 424(6949):621-622, 2003 Aug 7.

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Zoology. 106(2):159-168, 2003.

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Extinction of ichthyosaurs: A catastrophic or evolutionary paradigm?
Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie-Abhandlungen.
228(3):421-452, 2003 Jun.

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A biomechanical model for analysis of muscle force, power output and lower
jaw motion in fishes
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Shell microstructure of the Late Carboniferous rostroconch mollusc
Apotocardium lanterna (Branson, 1965)
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in three thamnophiine snakes
Journal of Experimental Biology. 206(14):2381-2392, 2003 Jul.


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Differential method of characterizing gait strategies from step lengths
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Journal of Motor Behavior. 35(3):215-220, 2003 Sep.

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tibiofemoral osteoarthritis and normal controls
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Efficient synthesis of physically valid human motion
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Unilateral dorsal column and rubrospinal tract injuries affect overground
locomotion in the unrestrained rat
European Journal of Neuroscience. 18(2):412-422, 2003 Jul.

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Jarvik JG. Kallmes DF. Mirza SK.
Vertebroplasty - Learning more, but not enough
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Pressurization of vertebral bodies during vertebroplasty causes
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distal division of the flexor digitorum profundus
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of cadaveric spines with and without simulated metastases
Spine. 28(14):1534-1539, 2003 Jul 15.

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Spine. 28(14):1540-1547, 2003 Jul 15.

Kallmes DF.
Biomechanical effects of unipedicular vertebroplasty on intact vertebrae -
Point of view
Spine. 28(14):1548, 2003 Jul 15.

Molloy S. Mathis JM. Belkoff SM.
The effect of vertebral body percentage fill on mechanical behavior during
percutaneous vertebroplasty
Spine. 28(14):1549-1554, 2003 Jul 15.

Ali AM. Burton M. Hashmi M. Saleh M.
Outcome of complex fractures of the tibial plateau treated with a
beam-loading ring fixation system
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - British Volume. 85B(5):691-699, 2003

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The origin of cells that repopulate patellar tendons used for
reconstructing anterior cruciate ligaments in man
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - British Volume. 85B(5):753-757, 2003

Gupte CM. Bull AMJ. Thomas RD. Amis AA.
The meniscofemoral ligaments: secondary restraints to the posterior drawer
- Analysis of anteroposterior and rotary laxity in the intact and
posterior-cruciate-deficient knee
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - British Volume. 85B(5):765-773, 2003

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Temperature measurement during polymerization of polymethylmethacrylate
cement used for vertebroplasty
Spine. 28(14):1555-1559, 2003 Jul 15.

Akamaru T. Kawahara N. Yoon ST. Minamide A. Kim KS. Tomita K. Hutton
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sagittal alignments - A biomechanical analysis
Spine. 28(14):1560-1566, 2003 Jul 15.

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knee joint function - Kinematic response to simulated muscle loads
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injection of cartilage-derived morphogenetic protein-2
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technique - A biomechanical comparison
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Oda I. Abumi K. Yu BS. Sudo H. Minami A.
Types of spinal instability that require interbody support in posterior
lumbar reconstruction - An in vitro biomechanical investigation
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Newton PO. Lee SS. Mahar AT. Farnsworth CL. Weinstein CH.
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Lee CH. Lu SS. Tagawa T. Ozoe H. Hyun JM.
Numerical analysis of magnetic effect on human breathing
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Manufacturing. 46(2):572-582, 2003 Jun.


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biomechanical function and biochemical composition
Radiology. 228(2):493-499, 2003 Aug.

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