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08-18-2003, 04:32 PM
Dear all the subscribers,
I have search for the following two articles for a long time.To my
disappointed,there is no result.Maybe it is they was publised too earlier,I
can't find them from our library and documents center or other artcicle
database,such as elsevier online(the earliest year is 1995) . I have tried all
the ways I can try!

1---Herman Woltring's paper---- "Representation and caculation on 3D joint
It was published on human movement science at 1991.
2-- veldpaus's paper
"the rigid body calculated from spatial maker coordinate"that was published on
the journal of biomechancis at 1980.

Anyone who have copies of this articles,please send me a copy.I will be very

look forward to you help!
all the best!

xinting wang
Tianjin university of science & technology
Tianjin City, China(PRC.)
My email: sinting@eyou.com OR wonder168xt@sina.com

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