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Jane M Cappaert
08-19-2003, 04:54 AM
Reebok International Ltd., Canton, MA

The Reebok Human Performance Engineering Lab is recruiting candidates for
the position of Performance Engineer. We are seeking candidates with a
strong analytical background and exceptional knowledge of the factors
influencing human performance (biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, etc.),
who want to apply their knowledge to the creation of athletic footwear.

The primary role of the Performance Engineering department is to ensure
that Reebok footwear performs and functions as the intended user expects.
Performance Engineers accomplish this in the product creation cycle
through: educating Design, Development, Marketing and Advanced R&D team
members, defining functional product goals, evaluating new technology
concepts, and measuring the performance of prototype product.

Ideal candidates will have:

Minimum of 3 yrs. experience working effectively within a product creation
MS in a mechanical engineering, biomechanics or related field
Experience using mechanical and biomechanical test equipment
Experience in human data collection
Excellent communication skills
Proven ability to manage multiple projects on a daily basis
Strong connections with sport and fitness cultures
Flexibility and a positive attitude

Some travel required.

Please apply online at: http://www.reebok.com/us/about/careers/search/
Requisition number: 7887

Reebok International Ltd. is an equal opportunity and affirmative action

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