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08-19-2003, 06:27 AM
Dear Colleague,

Last year I have published a paper (JBMT, Jan 2002) describing a previously
unreported foot structure, which is biomechanically dysfunctional. Termed
Primus Metatarsus Supinatus (PMs), this forefoot structural aberration
produces moderate to severe prolonged midstance hyperpronation (and the
sequaelae of changes noted in force plate studies). Postural shifts, foot
to jaw (very similar to the Common Compensatory Patterns described by Zink
1979), are linked to this foot structure, which, in turn are linked to the
development of chronic pain conditions. My paper is available on-line at
the following website: www.PostureDyn.com Look under the white page
section and download the file entitled MEDIAL COLUMN FOOT SYSTEMS. AN

Presently, we have concluded research describing adaptations (compensatory)
in the postural muscles resulting from this foot type (PMs). We used
pressure plate analysis (Medicapteurs) to help clarify these changes in the
muscles. Our research suggests that the plantar surface of the 1st
metatarsal and hallux act like a rheostat, adjusting the tonicity in the
postural muscles, foot to jaw. If the plantar surface loading patterns are
disturbed within the big toe and adjoining metatarsal (e.g.,
hyperpronation), a profound rippling effect is triggered up the chain of
postural muscles (adaptations/changes in postural tone).

We have isolated two different compensatory patterns in the postural
muscles: Bracing and Releasing. Bracing compensations (associated with
cavus feet) are seen as increased tonicity in the postural muscles,
Releasing compensations (associated with functional pes planus feet) are
seen as decreased tonicity in the postural muscles. Using proprioceptive
insoles, these skewed tonicity patterns are normalized.

If you would like to review our research, please respond by Email.

Brian A Rothbart DPM, PhD, FACFO

Email: rothbart@prodigy.net.mx
WebSite: www.PostureDyn.com
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