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unknown user
12-14-1989, 07:53 PM
Dear Biomch-l subscribers,

I found some further information on the International Biomechanics Seminar
in Gothenburg, Sweden, concerning the way of payment.

There are three ways to pay the registration fee (SEK 900):
Please write always "LM 849-0" and your full name.

1. Enclosed in a letter with your registration card, cheques should be made
payable to Chalmers University of Technology, Centre for Biomechanics.

2. Bank transfer to:
Ref. Biomech. Seminar
Account no 3110-3605151; LM 849-0
S-412 96 Goteborg, Sweden

3. Postal Giro
Account no. 42376-4

Yours Timo P. J. Leskinen