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08-20-2003, 04:52 AM

You may also want to look at the following articles

Cheetham PJ, Martin PE, Mottram RE, St Laurent BF (2000) The
importance of stretching the X factor in the golf downswing. In: 2000
Pre-Olympics Congress: International Congress on Sport Science, Sports
Medicine and Physical Education, Brisbane Australia, p 195
McLean J (1992) Widen the gap. Golf Magazine: 49-53
McLean J (1993) X Factor 2: closing the gap. Golf Magazine: 29-33

I am sure I have also seen the Cheetham article in a journal, I think
that was Journal of Sport Sciences 2002, I think, so check that out on
sport discus or pubmed

I believe that I have a copy of the mcteigue article, however I would
have to send it by snail mail, so it could take a week or so to arrive
in the states. if you don't get a reply from someone closer to your
vicinity, let me know and I will post it


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