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08-21-2003, 08:30 AM
This notice is provided courtesy of the Biomch-L. Attached is a
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Skill Technologies, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Skill is a software development, consulting and solutions provider
to the motion measurement and motion analysis industry, for any
client application.

When Skill's proprietary flagship software product, Skill3DT, is
combined with high-speed, 240Hz/sensor electromagnetic tracking
technology (4 & 8 sensors - all capturing simultaneously), we can
deliver true real-time, 6DOF (position & orientation) systems, and
customized application software. SKILL3DT (i.e. 6D-Research) is a
software 'engine' used to track, capture, measure, display and
analyze human motion. Graphs, reports, 'virtual points', ASCII
format, and instant biofeedback. Other hardware platforms include,
i.e. passive video and active imaging (LED).

- For 3D gait analysis, we can integrate ancillary equipment, such
as, A/D Acquisition 16/64, force plates, EMG, non-metallic
treadmill, and other analog devices to create a comprehensive
real-time 3D-GAIT system. Provides: kinematic and kinetic
parameters, (lower extremities), forces, moments and power.

- 3D-SPORT/240 - A high-speed real-time motion analysis and
biofeedback training system for golf, baseball and softball swing
analysis. Putting analysis. Including: VidCap, integrated video

- 3D-SkillCheck - an automated 'expert' swing analysis and report.
It is also a 'motion viewer' that lets you analyze swing
biomechanics parameters on your home PC. All provided on a CD!

- Mapping/Calibration and distortion detection techniques are
available to eliminate distortions.

- Anatomical Modeling Module - build your own body models.

Skill software is being used for sports, biofeedback training,
biomechanics, clinical, motor behavior, physical
therapy/rehabilitation, neurological, ergonomics, virtual reality,
entertainment, and medical and biomechanical research applications.

Demo Software link:

URL: http://www.skilltechnologies.com/
Contact: Stephen Cheetham
Position: V.P. Sales and Marketing
Address: 1202 E. Maryland Ave. Ste 1G
Phoenix, Arizona USA 85014
Phone: (602) 277-7678
Fax: (602) 277-2326
E-mail: skill@skilltechnologies.com

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